Beavis And Butthead Return To MTV

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Now, Justin Bieber tweeted that Beavis and Butthead would be returning to MTV after hearing the cast of SKINS announce it at the MTV Upfront presentation this morning (03-01-2011) in NYC.

While Justin Bieber was far from being born during the hey-day of Beavis and Butthead. Mike Judge’s crass, heavy-metal loving, couch dwelling idiots that charmed a nation. With MTV being something of a revolutionary in the 80’s much in the way, except far more important me thinks, that iPod’s are for the 00’s, its hard to imagine having sky without MTV on it.

Although its sad to see that the channel is something of a shell as it used to be, any Wayne’s world fan will tell you that, seeing as its actual moving away from music almost complete to becoming what appears to be a constant stream of rubbish like Glee and The O.C. its good to have a dash of light. But hey, if Bieber says its coming back, then it must be true. Right?

According to MTV, the show is slated to return this summer. Seeing as MTV  is going through something of a transition over the next few months it looks like it might be true. We’d like to thank the Great Corholio, wherever he is, for this small miracle, and maybe some TP for his Bunghole.

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